What Comcast Is Doing To Gigi Sohn Is Wrong!

I am no virgin on the dark arts of lobbying.  But what Comcast is doing to Gigi Sohn – President Biden’s nominee to the FCC – is egregious.

I highly respect Comcast and it’s head lobbyist who is a former colleague and friend.  Comcast is a company with impeccable Democrat credentials.  It’s former Executive VP is President Biden’s Ambassador to Canada.  All of this makes Comcast’s extremely targeted campaign against President Biden’s FCC nominee harder to accept.

Politico reports that “Comcast retained Larry Puccio, who was Manchin’s top aide as governor of West Virginia and has remained close with the Swing vote senator”.   https://www.politico.com/newsletters/politico-influence/2022/01/10/former-manchin-chief-signs-2-799790 I am advised that, as of today,Senator Manchin is the only Democrat who has not yet committed to support Sohn’s confirmation.

One might think that Comcast just hired Puccio on general telecom issues.  But another Comcast lobbying hire let the cat out of the bag!   ArsTechnica reports that Comcast hired Kirk Adams of Consilium of Phoenix, AZ.   ArsTechnicia further reports that on Federal Lobbying Disclosure forms,  Adam’s clumsily listed  the purpose of his hiring as “FCC Nominations”. https://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2022/01/comcast-trying-to-torpedo-biden-fcc-pick-gigi-sohn-advocacy-group-says/

One Democrat leaning company should not be able to block President Biden’s FCC nominee with micro- targeted lobbying hits.  Maybe Biden’s FCC nominee Sohn should call Biden’s Ambassador to Canada and ask for some “Biden family” help in breaking the confirmation logjam!